Solar Lights on a Shoestring!

I have seen the solar lids that go on the mason jars and I think it is a wonderful idea. The only problem is that they are so expensive! It struck me one day that if I bought the Mini-Solar lights that you can get for $1.50 or sometimes even $1.00 that I could modify them to use in different sized jars.

My daughter was getting married here at the farm, and we thought that tons of solar lights hanging all over the place, hanging in the trees, sitting on the ground, and on the tables would be so romantic. So for a fraction of the cost of the Solar Lid lights, I made these, using different sized jars, some new and some left over, adding iridescent paper shreds. We used rusty wire for a primitive look, around the tops and made wire hangers. They turned out to be beautiful!

Here are some pictures of the lights, I gathered some of them and set them on a table, please forgive some of the photos, it is hard to photograph lights!