Repurposed Dresser

May 31, 2012

So here is my repurposed dresser. I found it for $15.00, I was not sure I should buy it, but I went ahead and did it anyway:)

I decided it could be a Dry Bar, a refreshment station on a covered patio or in a sunroom. It would look nice as a book case or accent table in an entryway. Whatever you like:)

I did not want to make it like a new piece of furniture...just an old piece ...repurposed.

So here is the dresser before all this...and a few pictures of what I did.

I took the drawers out and tried to decide exactly what to do.

When I decided what I wanted it to look like, I thought the front of the drawers would look nice as the top covering the bottom drawer.

I cut the bottom drawer brace and pulled it out.

Then I needed to strip the beautiful pink paint off the top and off of the front of the drawers.

Wait for it.......

After seeing the really awesome oak under the paint...I decided that just a few coats of Poly would give me just the look I wanted. Still old and still painted, but with a little bit of nice wood. I bought some great knobs and there you are! I love it!

Old Lamp Plant Stand

May 29, 2012:

Here is a little pland stand I made from an old lamp, I took the top off and found a bundt pan at a garage sale. I spray painted the pan purple and put it on top of the lamp. I had this little glass bird that I have had for a few years and it was just calling to me to sit on top of that lamp!

I found the perfect plants, petunias and a sweet potato vine and Wah La! I love this little thing:)

May 25th 2012: Well all I can say is "Flags for Sale!" I love this country...I really do. I thank all of those that have gone before, and those that are there now, for without them we would not enjoy any of the freedoms we have. In honor of our military personnel that gave the ultimate sacrifice and for those they have left behind, I made these flags. I just ask that none of us ever forget exactly where our freedom came from and that our country should be cherished. Because Freedom definately is not free! And on another note, thanks to my husband John, cause the poor guy is always willing to go and climb around old buildings, dig up old fence, weld things for me, paint for me..and cut things for me out of wood. He even bought me a Rockwell Bladerunner so that I could do some things for he knows how independent I think I am..LOL. Thanks honey!

May 23, 2012: Of all the signs I have made this year, this is without a doubt my favorite. I wish there was no need for it, and I pray that someday there will not be a need for it. But, until then....Fight Like a Girl!

May 22, 2012 Today I finished the Old Glory Planters. Two old drawers I found. Painted them, then stenciled the Old Glory on them. Found some really cool drawer pulls and Planted Maidenhair Ferns in them. I won't mind if I have to keep one (or both:) for my porch:)

Re-purposed Mail Box. I bought this for a dollar at a garage sale. Found the cross at the store for half price. Painted the front of the mailbox and added the cross, stuffed it with flowers and there ya go!


May 19, 2012 Just finished my repurposed aquarium stand, and it has been transformed into a potting bench. John helped me quite a bit. We used old boards that we rescued from a downed farm building. Thanks to good neighbors:) I used an old window that someone had given to me a few years ago. The wire on the back is some old sheep fence we had out in the "go to the dump" pile. I am thrilled at how it turned out and it will be for sale at my upcoming show in Elkhorn, NE on the 2nd of June.