I'm Back!

Wow..it has been a really long time since I visited this blog, and I am going to try and be a fatihful blogger! I am not promising...but I am trying!

I have some things listed on ebay right now so I am going to give you guys a peek!

Cheese Box Cats - A Pattern from Catnap Primitives. So danged cute are these guys! The box isn't included you will have to get your own:)

And how about this!

Big Head Annie Garden Stump Doll! Another pattern from Catnap Primitives! She is so cute, I am sure she should live here and just may end up doing that!

One more.....

This awesome Suffolk Sheep Doll is from a pattern by Kentucky Primitives. I have changed it a bit and used my own special touches. The Sheep is SOLD Thank you! If you are interested I would be glad to make you one! Just email me:)This sheep sells for $35.00 plus shipping.

Here is a link to my ebay listings

WhimzyAcres Auctions

Well, that is going to about do it for now. Thanks so much for stoppin' by....I'll be back soon!~