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The Junk Chick ~ Bird Feeder

I made one of these for Junk Stock this year.  It turned out so cute...it was really easy and fun!  It was also the first thing to sell!  I didn't get a picture of the other one...sooo..since I had another chandelier and some of the same dishes...well I just HAD to make another one!  I hope the birds love it as much as I do!

The Junk Chick ~ Happy Birthday America

Just finished this flag today, it is made from a pallet.  My husband put it up on the fence post at the end of our lane.  Well, since the lane is 750 feet long, I can't see it from the house..but I know it is there.  Happy Birthday America ~ The Greatest Country on Earth!

Thanks to all of you that serve/served who keep her free and safe! God Bless the USA :)

The Junk Chick

Wow!  Last weekend was Junkstock Omaha!!  My first time with a booth there, it was amazing. I made up a bunch of these little jars~and it was really fun doing them.  They sold really well and in Honor of the 4th of July ~ Here is a pic:)

The Junk Chick

Well...I am running out of soap, so I need to make more!  I have been a soap and candle maker for about 10 or so years:)  I quit doing that a few years ago..in 2008 to be exact. But this week I have been thinking..I really do need to make some soap.  I was looking thru some pictures and I found his one...Bath Bombs!!  They were so much fun to make and the picture made me smile, so I thought I would share it!

The Junk Chick

Repurposed drawers revisited:)  I made these a couple years ago, but I just really liked them...so I am in the process of making some more...of course never the same...different drawers will be used:)

The Junk Chick

I repurposed this board...I think it must have been some kind of pull out cutting board.  I turned out so cool...and here it is in it's new home!  Thanks for Jeannie for sharing the picture with me!

I really do love my customers!